Wild Roots was born in Santa Monica, CA, out of hours of daydreaming, brainstorming, coffee, and a lot of practice. 

Today, we are based in both Santa Monica and Redondo Beach, and are available to travel wherever your floral dreams may take us.



WRLA exists to liberate floral event design from the monotonous and cliche by daring to take creative risks, bringing impossible visions to life, and rearranging everything. We are committed to challenging our own ideas and perspectives, and pushing ourselves to grow in our creative capacity. We choose to remain awake to the needs and perspectives of those around us and around the world in order to create events that are at once breathtakingly fresh and warmly inclusive.



We're in it for the beauty of it all.

Whether we are bringing creative visions to life, discovering a new bloom hybrid, or carrying heavy buckets filled with greenery to and from the studio, we adore this work. We choose to relish in the beauty of the process, from the imagining of fresh ideas to the grittiness of stripping thorns from roses. The floral design process is unlike anything else. It teaches us to let go of our obsessive need to be completely in control, and it teaches us how to listen to the gentler things in this world. It shows us how to be problem-solvers, to stay humble, and to have light hearts.




co-owner & creative

Megan is a Southern California native. Born in Santa Monica and raised in Ventura County, she has a real soft spot for the Pacific Ocean and style that reflects a marriage of the desert and the tropics. She currently resides in the SouthBay with her husband, Andrew, who can smoke a mean brisket and build anything in his garage. Prior to WRLA, Megan worked as a wedding and lifestyle photographer while she earned her MA in Theology at Fuller Seminary. 

"I am most alive when I'm fully present in the process and I feel most at home when I'm submerged in the Pacific Ocean. I like the color blue, never growing up, and living simply. I love fresh flowers, fresh coffee and french fries. I hate brushing my hair. I believe in really outrageous dreams."

Tell us something quirky about yourself: I've never been able to figure out how to whistle for longer than one second. 

Ideal weekend vacay: Summertime - Anywhere I can longboard with pals and eat great tacos, like Mexico or anywhere in the 805. Wintertime - Mammoth. Give me all the cozy chalets, hot cider and snowboards. 



co-owner & creative

Aubrey was raised in Nashville, TN. After receiving her degree in Graphic Design and an Emphasis in Studio Art at Belmont University, she made the cross country move to the West Coast. Four years later, she now resides in Santa Monica with her soon to be husband, Matt, who enjoys being outside at all times and capturing gorgeous landscapes with film. Aubrey is also a part of the entertainment industry as a musician in MOMS and loves the way that florals can be creatively involved in sets, with styling, and worn on the red carpet. 

"I feel like the luckiest human when I am totally submerged in creativity and can call it work. Nature reminds me to breathe, writing brings me joy, and music gives me goosebumps."

Tell us something quirky about yourself: I like to sit in my parked car for some quality alone time. Introverts unite.

Ideal weekend vacay: Joshua Tree, Mexico, and Ojai. Can I fit them all into one weekend?